Ladies of Leisure? I think not!

I found an interesting link from the BBC of all sites. It speaks on the subject of women in Ancient Egypt. I found it very interesting because gender equality was a big deal then too. While Egyptians practiced it, we as Americans do not. In fact we, as women still strive to get equality on the most basic levels to be observed. I found it most fascinating to see that women were buried with weapons. Queens were known to crush their enemies.

Women were prime members of the Military campaigns. Women were thought to be sufficiently threatening, enough so to be listed as ‘enemies of the state’, and female graves containing weapons are found throughout the three millennia of Egyptian History. Women were involved in trade and shipping. Another point that stands out for me during this is women had financial Independence. Women would be paid the same contractual amount as men for their work. Also, they would own property and estates. Not if some male relative stated that it were true, but from the time she was born. While it was preferred that she would have a male heir, a female would and could carry on just as much.  – CL


One thought on “Ladies of Leisure? I think not!

  1. I find this site interesting and damn if only I had a time machine or maybe a mind altering machine maybe then things get better. It is interesting though that when we think of ancient cultures we generally did not think of equality among the gender so it’s nice to know that there’s at least one civilization I knew what’s what.

    Kathleen Moore

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