Missing 5th century Princess, but lots of treasure

Recently as I was researching for material for my group’s project I came across a rather new-ish discovery from 2010. It seems that the Czech Institute of Egyptology has discovered the tomb of Shert Nebti, a 5th dynasty Egyptian princess, her tomb was located in Southern part of Cairo. Sadly, it seems that there is no princess in the tomb, but there is a lot of grave goods that are still intact. Who knows maybe they will find the princess in the rest of the tomb since they have only excavated half of the tomb.

I was curious after reading this article as to why was she not buried with the rest of the nobility up north-wise near the Saqqara? She seems to have been regarded dearly by the inscription of the beautiful one and she did have plenty of grave goods in her tomb as well.

Posted by Isabel Garcia



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