What a bunch of Bull…

Apis the Bull Deity, according to Manetho, originated in Memphis in the early dynastic era, Bard states that individual bull burials at Saqqara started much later, in the 18th Dynasty, and Herodotus, in the story of Cambyses, reveals “The marks of this calf called Apis are these: he is black, and has on his forehead a three-cornered white spot, and the likeness of an eagle on his back; the hairs of the tail are double, and there is a knot under the tongue.”

I wonder how Egyptians justified sacrificing the very animals they worshipped; I would think human sacrifice to the animal god would be in order. ~TB


apis  bull


3 thoughts on “What a bunch of Bull…

  1. That is an interesting point about the sacrifices. It doesn’t make sense to sacrifice the animals you are worshipping. They worshipped cats too, did they sacrifice them as well??

  2. Is the picture on the right a mummified bull? If so, the eye is definitely creeping me out. Anyways, I also find it odd that they would sacrifice bulls to the animal that they are worshipping. Is there any evidence of their reasoning for it?

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