Will write for food

My ponderings after the class reading discussion…

Although scribes were considered by many to be in a better position within society than a carpenter or potter, looking at the work through a 21st century lens, in todays world a scribe is no more than a stenographer, hardly an elite position in our status conscious society.

If in ancient Egypt “blue collar” work was looked down on by the elites, even with all the progressive thinking that has evoolved this is still a prevailing way of thinking.  Although society’s elite need blue collar workers to build their homes, drive their cars, and clean their houses, they still look down on those who do this kind of work as “less than” and “less worthy”. ~TB


One thought on “Will write for food

  1. Surprisingly, I actually agree with this post. I also feel that the scribes back then over hyped their situation making it seem better than it really was. Im not saying what we know is inaccurate, I just think a lot of it is fabricated.
    Harry Dhillon

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