A sunken city reveals a lot of Ancient Egyptian treasures

A sunken city reveals a lot of Ancient Egyptian treasures

I stumbled across this yahoo article a while a go. It talks about Heracleion a port city that apperently everyone doubted existed suddenly found. Its very interesting because it shed light in to its existance and the activities that occured in that port town.

by I.G


The wonderful thing about Tigger….

When I hear the term “impulsive” I think about Tigger. He was often impulsive and rushed into adventures without thinking about the consequences. This also applied to  Pharaohs that were new and young. One that especially comes to mind is Ramses II. He was young and inexperienced, yet he trudged forward and waged war against the Hittites. Despite his rushing headlong into battle and forcing the Hittites to attack towns such as Kadesh. Ramses chose to sit down and make concessions and compromises to save the people of Egypt any further blood shed. So he took a Hittite as a bride. During his time as ruler, he also showed more of his vanity by the  fact he constructed the Ramesseum, a temple, that was built to manufacture tales of his greatness. At its heart was the House of Life, a massive library dedicated to glorifying the pharaoh. Part of what makes Dynasties  last as long as they did wasn’t actions of being impulsive, but being calculative. It is said that the tiniest chink in an Armor can break a Dynasty. So maybe impulsive young Pharaohs should have been less like Tigger and more like Rabbit or Owl. – CL