Thermal shift the cause for no more pyramids?

Thermal shift the cause for no more pyramids?

In the article by the Huffington post, they cover Peter James’s theory of thermal shift in ancient Egypt and as a possible cause for as to why there would be no more pyramids built. Apparently, its discussed that the of increase of temperature in Egypt’s hot desserts caused the bricks to constrict and then crack. its still a theory but apperently its being considered by some.

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Anything you can do, I can do too!

Anything you can do, I can do too!

According to the readings, women in egypt were capable of having many different titles. In fact, it was really amazing that they had time to breathe. Throughout history you hear more about men in history. But in the the tombs of women in Ancient Egypt they showed the titles they possessed and the busy lives they led. I believe that having a life outside just being mother and wife was an everyday accomplishment but a goal for some women. I know it is a goal for me in my everyday life, to be extraordinary and make a mark on this world just as  Egyptian women did before us. (CL)

Gettin’ my Egypt on…

The first couple of weeks in “Ancient Civilizations of Egypt” has definitely added some new words to my vocabulary: alluvium, bi-facial, Levallois, and Chalcolithic to name a few.  I have found reading archaeological text to be at times tedious and fascinating, but mostly tedious.  Tedious only in the sense that because I am not a professional archaeologist the readings take longer because I am constantly looking up new terms.  However the content (once I know what the author(s) are talking about) is very interesting.

After reading The Geography of Excavated Predynastic Sites and the Rise of Complex Society by Kathryn Bard, I have come to consider, based on her interpretation of other peoples work, that there is no hope for cultures to bridge the gap between classes.  According to Bard, trade in Predynastic Egypt was not predicated on utilitarian and subsistence needs but rather for status.  If humankind as been so preoccupied by having material wealth from 3000 B.C.E. surely there is no end in sight for this to change. ~TB

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