Scribe at Work

This is a cool video showing the work of a scribe at a modern day museum. It was interesting to see how they actually put everything together.
Harry Dhillon


Egypt & the Sphinx (Interview)

In this interview, lecturer Gloria Taylor Brown talked about her travels to Egypt, and her theories about the Pyramids and the Sphinx. She believes that the Pharaohs of Egypt wanted to pass down information about how the ancient structures were built, but these details were lost, stolen, or remain hidden.
Harry Dhillon

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Aliens is a very popular show on the History channel that is based on the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Ancient Aliens was one of my favorite shows until I watched this video. This video goes through step by step and disproves every claim ever made on Ancient Aliens. Do yourself a favor and watch all three hours. It is a fascinating video.
Harry Dhillon